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Onam Bumper 2017

Onam Bumper 2017: Are you looking for Results/Winners Updates for Kerala Bumper for Thiruvonam or Says, Onam Bumper 2017?. Everyone is looking forward for the day to come for getting fortunate and to achieve their dreams. Due to Fact that, the first time in the history of Kerala Bagyakuri for Onam Bumper, unveiled the fact of Big Prize money of Rs. 10 Crore for the Individual Winner. The Results for Onam Bumper 2017 will be announced on 22nd September 2017 at 2.00 PM by Govt.of Kerala from the declaration center. Those who award the Lucky draw for BR 57 Kerala Thiruvonam Bumper 2017, should report with lottery ticket to the Authorized lottery agencies.

Onam Bumper 2017 Results: Check Here

If you were feared to submit the same at agencies, please find the Govt, Authorized Lottery Dealers or official collection officers after entering your Name, Details as well Genuine Signature behind the BR 57 Kerala Onam Bumper 2017. Perhaps, if you like to unveil the fact that you are included in Onam Bumper 2017 Winners updates, Feel Free to contact us with your name and lottery number attached. Moreover, please email the scan copy of your lottery with your ID for displaying here after the Draw or submit it in the same contact form.

Things You Should be aware from Fraud Kerala Onam Bumper 2017 are shown in Below Figure:

Onam Bumper 2017
Onam Bumper 2017

As their millions of people trust for every Kerala bumper apart from the own state, north Indians also comes up here for predicting the luck. A couple of months ago, a Bengal guy came to Kerala and surprisingly awarded the lucky draw of Other Kerala bumper during that season with a prize money of 3 crores in Total.

If you are noncitizen of Kerala or non-Indian who have redeemed the lottery ticket from a genuine agency for the lucky draw. Just report the lottery ticket that highlights with your own details can be updated behind each Bumper or daily lucky draw.

If you attached with the same truth without any sort of issues, there is no future problem with the same lottery ticket.

How Can we Identify Genuine Onam Bumper 2017 Lottery Ticket?

People who come across Kerala or people who live in Kerala who trust lucky draw on Kerala lotteries are feared to take a lottery nowadays. There are no such fears for taking so. The Daily draw of Kerala Bagyakuri holds on Rs.30 for a single ticket and if it's a Bumper or something will increase the ticket rate. However, like the same, the deflection in prize amount will also show w.r.t to every Kerala bagyakuri.

How to Check the Results for Kerala Thiruvoam Bumper 2017?

Most of the Owners of the ticket who has taken the Thiruvonam bumper in previous years don't know how to check the results. As it happens due to fear or something like excitement and all. Follow these steps for checking your Onam Bumper Results 2017.

  1. Hold the Onam Bumper in your Hand.
  2. Check for the series BR 57 at the right-hand side of the Lottery.
  3. If you confirm the same, check whether the dates mentioned on lottery BR 57 getting the draw on 20-9-2017.
  4. Make Sure that the series is mentioned in the BR 57 as follows showing in your Onam Bumper: SU,VA,RN,AJ,BL,TH,IR,UV,ON,AM has been mentioned at the left-hand side of the lottery.
  5. Finally, after the draw on the mentioned date, we will update a pdf of the result for 50th Thiruvonam bumper for BR 57 series draw here.
  6. You can cross check the 4 digit result, 5 digit result as well as Main result.
  7. You can check the region or district attached to each lucky draw.
If you have more doubts w.r.t the BR 57 Kerala Onam Bumper for the year 2017. Please drop your queries below.


Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money

Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money: Are you Looking for Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money for the lucky draw for the Draw BR 57.In fact it's been for the Successful 50 Years in Excellence of Kerala Onam Bumper Bagyakuri Lottery. However, Apart form Other Kerala Lotteries like Karunya,Win Win and Akshaya, Bumper Lottery Doesn't holds Consolation Prizes. Instead of the same, it will unveils final 5 digit lucky member with a prize money of 1 lakhs for around 20-30 member for those who wins the Lucky draw.

Well, its sounds Great been Half Century of Onam Bumper Bagyakuri hold a Prize Money of 10 crores and Never Happened before. In Previous Year, it was around 8 crore for the Onam Bumper. The more Prizes for this Year Onam Bumper 2017 are as follows.
Amount in (INR)
1st Prize
10 Crores
2nd Prize
50 Lakhs for 10 Members
3rd Prize
5 Lakhs for 20 Members
4th Prize
5th Prize
6th Prize
7th Prize
8th Prize
Consolation Prizes
1 Lakh Each for Lucky 5 Numbers

Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money

As we all know the Implementation of GST effect will certainly impacted every firms as well as Individual. For Kerala Lotteries also, it got affected in the same manner. However, you can able to see that there is a hike in Onam Bumper and showing FV 223.21+GST included for the same. However, it will be common to Prizes of 1st,2nd,3rd and Last 5 Digit Series winners for Onam Bumper 2017 will effect the GST. In fact, it will be deducted from the Prize amount and get released to your bank account without any fail.

Wow, That's sounds amazing approach by the Kerala Govt. for the Onam Bumper 2017. In fact, it contains a series of Different approach used by Other Kerala Lotteries. It was found to be like a mixed combo approach done with the same. Those who make approach with Kerala Onam Bumper 2017 should make sure that the series are true with year draw.

How GST Effect with Respect to Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money:

First Prize: As we all the First Prize money will comes around a sum total of Rs. 10 Crore in Total. As per India Govt. Recommendation 28% + Slight Commission for the Agency awarded for the Draw.

2nd Prize: Alike the same, 2nd Prize winner for Onam Bumper 2017 will get some of Amount of Rs.50 Lakhs for a group of 10 member from 10 series of draw. The GST and Commission Percentage will be same for the 2nd Prize Winner.

3rd Prize: For the 3rd Party commission percentage will be different while in concern with other 2 big updates. However, the GST Percentage will be issued the same, but only difference in Commission wil be acted different for the 3rd Prize Winner. 

If you need any more updates and Queries with respect to Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money in detail, please make a Query Below.


Onam Bumper 2017 Winners

Onam Bumper 2017 Winners: The Wait is getting over for the Kerala Thiruvonam Bumper Bagyakuri BR 57. As we already came to know about the Prize details of Onam Bumper 2017 for BR 57. The Last Year Onam Bumper 2016 Lucky Winner was found to hold a prize money of 8 crores with getting effected with any GST. In fact, this year the implementation of GST in India also getting effect with Onam Bagyakuri. This is the first draw of Onam Bagyakuri after GST implementation In India. As per Finance Minister recommendation done with GST and Kerala Bagyakuri, the winners of the same up to 4th prize will get affected by the same.

The Below Table will Reflects the Onam Bumper 2017 Winners Once Results for the Same been published.
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
4th Prize
5th Prize
6th Prize
7th Prize
8th Prize
Consolation Prizes

For the Previous Year Lottery Draw for Onam Bumper, the results were declared from the Official Declaration with the presence of respective authorities for the same. However, it made special for this year, a surprising chief guest will announces the results for the draw for BR 57 Thiruvonam Bumper. Even then, this Onam 2017 will be more sweeter than ever with this BR 57 lucky draw. Entire Kerala are excited for this Draw. Since many of them are getting troubled with GST and sounds like most of them will get relieved via this lucky draw.

Here we updates the series wise results as well as Kerala District wise results for the Draw for Thiruvonam Bumper 2017. In fact, Prize money for Second and Third will get equally distributed for 10 members with 50 Lakhs and 20 Members with 5 lakhs Each. The Numbers of Draw for BR 57 w.r.t 4 digit,5 digits and 6 Digits will be reflected here or we will attach a pdf of the same via us.

For more updates regarding the Onam Bumper 2017 Winners will be soon be available on us. Please stay tuned and can drop your Queries on Br 57 using the below given comment box.