Monday, 7 August 2017

Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money

Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money: Are you Looking for Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money for the lucky draw for the Draw BR 57.In fact it's been for the Successful 50 Years in Excellence of Kerala Onam Bumper Bagyakuri Lottery. However, Apart form Other Kerala Lotteries like Karunya,Win Win and Akshaya, Bumper Lottery Doesn't holds Consolation Prizes. Instead of the same, it will unveils final 5 digit lucky member with a prize money of 1 lakhs for around 20-30 member for those who wins the Lucky draw.

Well, its sounds Great been Half Century of Onam Bumper Bagyakuri hold a Prize Money of 10 crores and Never Happened before. In Previous Year, it was around 8 crore for the Onam Bumper. The more Prizes for this Year Onam Bumper 2017 are as follows.
Amount in (INR)
1st Prize
10 Crores
2nd Prize
50 Lakhs for 10 Members
3rd Prize
5 Lakhs for 20 Members
4th Prize
5th Prize
6th Prize
7th Prize
8th Prize
Consolation Prizes
1 Lakh Each for Lucky 5 Numbers

Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money

As we all know the Implementation of GST effect will certainly impacted every firms as well as Individual. For Kerala Lotteries also, it got affected in the same manner. However, you can able to see that there is a hike in Onam Bumper and showing FV 223.21+GST included for the same. However, it will be common to Prizes of 1st,2nd,3rd and Last 5 Digit Series winners for Onam Bumper 2017 will effect the GST. In fact, it will be deducted from the Prize amount and get released to your bank account without any fail.

Wow, That's sounds amazing approach by the Kerala Govt. for the Onam Bumper 2017. In fact, it contains a series of Different approach used by Other Kerala Lotteries. It was found to be like a mixed combo approach done with the same. Those who make approach with Kerala Onam Bumper 2017 should make sure that the series are true with year draw.

How GST Effect with Respect to Onam Bumper 2017 Prize Money:

First Prize: As we all the First Prize money will comes around a sum total of Rs. 10 Crore in Total. As per India Govt. Recommendation 28% + Slight Commission for the Agency awarded for the Draw.

2nd Prize: Alike the same, 2nd Prize winner for Onam Bumper 2017 will get some of Amount of Rs.50 Lakhs for a group of 10 member from 10 series of draw. The GST and Commission Percentage will be same for the 2nd Prize Winner.

3rd Prize: For the 3rd Party commission percentage will be different while in concern with other 2 big updates. However, the GST Percentage will be issued the same, but only difference in Commission wil be acted different for the 3rd Prize Winner. 

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